30949 Jay Dr.
Spanish Fort, AL 36527
Charlie: 251-895-8288

Success Stories

Shannon P.

Love this place so much! This gym and it’s coaches have transformed my perspective on fitness and nutrition, helping me always push the ceiling of what I can do physically. They never miss an opportunity to encourage you on an off day and will be the first ones there with a...

Byron H. ~31 Yrs Old

Great place to work out! I was very reluctant of trying this place out over a year ago due to the fact I was a member of a certain chain workout place disguised as a gym. As soon as I entered through the wide doors, I was greeted by a pretty awesome community. People were...

Larry T. ~42 Yrs Old

The staff and athletes (and they are athletes) are extremely helpful and motivational. They made me feel very welcome to be a part of their family. They are always positive and motivated…I have found a new home and new friends and I recommend everyone who wants to push...

Alex L. ~26 Yrs Old

Started doing Crossfit 2 years ago and at first I was super skeptical/intimidated thinking the workouts consisted of only heavy weightlifting but I must say I have never enjoyed working out as much as I do now! CFSF is life changing! The coaches are awesome and everyone is so...

Chelcey M. ~27 Yrs Old

When I started going to CFSF I had a three year old and 8 week old. At 27 years old I was overweight, had high cholesterol and was at risk for heart disease. Almost a year later my BMI is perfect, I am down almost 30 pounds and am proud to say I got my labs back last week and am...

Rachel S. ~19 Yrs Old

I was pretty athletic in high school and I always thought I was strong for a girl at least.. I started Crossfit in May of 2014 thinking I was pretty in shape because I went for the occasional run and lifted a few weights here and there. Crossfit has brought so many things to...

Ashley W.

I’ve been a member with Planet Fitness for a while and found myself not being very accountable as it’s only $10.00/month and more of a social hour. I tried different Crossfit places in the area and Crossfit Spanish Fort is by far the BEST.  They have more reasonable...

Cheri O. ~43 Yrs Old

In January of 2014 my son and I started CrossFit.  For me, who had never lifted a barbell in my life, it was scary, but after the first class I was hooked.In April of 2014 I heard about a new box in Spanish Fort, so we went and checked it out.  What we found was such an amazing...

Greg W. ~40 Yrs Old

Recently I posted a lengthy bit on Facebook about a mid life crisis and some important changes I’ve made lately. It wasn’t about trading cars or buying new toys. My choices included braces and getting in shape. I made the choice to join CrossFit Spanish Fort as part...