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Greg W. ~40 Yrs Old

August 05, 2014

Recently I posted a lengthy bit on Facebook about a mid life crisis and some important changes I’ve made lately. It wasn’t about trading cars or buying new toys. My choices included braces and getting in shape. I made the choice to join CrossFit Spanish Fort as part of that and had no idea what to expect. I was nervous because it had been several years since I even entertained working out, staying content with the little bit of sweat I churned out coaching. What I’ve found is a family of folks who sincerely want me to succeed. They don’t care how much weight I can or cannot lift or how long it takes me. They know Ive made the choice to be healthy and be around for my family longer and they push me to get there with those goals in mind. I don’t have a goal weight or body size in mind because I know when I am healthier those things will follow. Truth be told, it can be a struggle. My first week was brutal and not because I over did it. Just because I kept coming back. A month later days are still tough but it’s because now I am pushing myself. We talk about smoothies at home and have gotten rid of junk. We are making good choices. . Michele Letendre, who finished fourth at this year’s crossfit games, said
“that the biggest competition we are faced with is the one within ourselves.” That is true for work, family, parenting. At CrossFit Spanish Fort that is still true about getting in the box every day but I have my WOD family behind me and they know where I want to go and are helping me get there!

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